Sunday, January 18, 2009


When will buy perfume should note the type of concentration. Usually the name of EDP, EDT, EDC, or perfume oil is below or in line with the perfume. Please note that each company or the scent of perfume houses have EDT, EDP, or different. EDT could be in the house has a perfume fragrance EDT higher than that issued by the perfume company, or vice versa. So do not wonder if when buying a type of perfume or EDP home EDT Perfume A perfume houses and B is different.

Meanwhile, in terms of the basic materials perfume, at the time of Egypt, more people use incense and cinnamon and mashed the grinding as the perfume. Now the materials are more diverse. Perfume materials of which comes from wood, fruit, animal, synthetic materials, or even combine some or all of the materials. Therefore, the work is not easy to distinguish based on the type of perfume aroma.

Perfume fragrance based on the category can only be done, but this can not be said with certainty about the specifications of the material found in a perfume. Perfume fragrance based on the category was divided into two parts, namely the period and materials.

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