Sunday, January 18, 2009

Perfume According to Age Category

Traditional Perfume

• Single Floral, the fragrance is dominated by one type of flower. France is often referred to in the soliflore. An example is the perfume Sa Majeste La Rose dominated the aroma rose.
• Floral Bouquet, the aroma that comes from some type of interest
• Ambery, ambers aroma is a mix of vanilla, flowers, woody, mixed with oil camphorous. Type aroma of this one can bring to mind and mood exotic oriental atmosphere.
• Woody, this type is dominated by the aroma of wood typical of the south Pacific archipelago characteristics marked by its aroma sandalwood and cedar. The aroma is sandalwood aroma that comes from the type of wood santhalum. Usually, wood can be found in Nepal and South India.
• Cyhpre, aroma is a combination of bargamot, oakmoss, and labdanum. Characteristic aroma fragrance by APRICOT custard and a very special, when in France known as Cyprus.
• Fougere, the aroma that has a mix of basic lavender, coumarin, and oakmoss. Aroma fougere usually marked by solidarity with the fragrant aroma of wood mixed with spices. Included in the aroma of perfume need time to adapt to the condition of the body.

Modern Perfume

• Bright Floral, is a combination of single Floral and Floral bouquet.
• Green, is the development of this type of chypre.
• Ocean / Air, a new fragrance that has not been found before. First introduced in 1991 by Christian Dior.
• Citrus, Citrus main character is a refreshing smell that makes the always-spirited. In fact this is the type of aroma that has been long known. But that was the difference now is that the two be combined so that the aroma is a refreshing aroma cause. Most Citrus fragrance type is used to perfume Eau de toilette. This most basic of materials have orange, lemon, and wine.
• Gourmand, in general, this type of fragrance contains vanilli and tonka bean. Type this in to create a fragrance that can cause increased appetite to eat. Gourmand fragrance can be found in perfume Thierry Mugler's Angel.

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