Sunday, January 18, 2009

Based on The Concentration Category

Eau de Cologne (EDC)

Eau de Cologne is a type of perfume is light because the high alcohol content and there are only around 2 - 55% mixture of essence. Not surprising when the aroma quickly lost due to evaporate. Although classified as mild, cologne remain popular because many have chosen the smell that can invigorate the body up to 2 - 3 hours. Parfume this type of match used after a bath, this type can be found through the body spray and body splash.

Eau de toilette (EDT)

Perfume is one type of a higher level on the cologne. Alcohol use is lower than cologne. Essence is used only in the range of 5-20%. If you want to find a fresh can survive long enough, this type of perfume is the most appropriate choice because of its mild flavor and lasting until 3 - 4 hours, the atmosphere is suitable for all.

Eau de Parfume (EDP)

Parfume this type survive long enough that you can stand 4-6 hours. The type of perfume that has a little alcohol level is lower than the EDT. Meanwhile essence ranged between 10-30%. Therefore, the fragrance can survive long and strong enough so that the match when used at night, especially to attend the formal events such as meetings, parties, and others.

Perfume Oil

Of all the types of perfume, this is the type of the most durable because the fragrance can survive 6-12 hours. The aroma is produced to reach 20-40% and the original mixture without the alcohol. Do not use too much because this type of perfume fragrance can be perceived from a distance is far enough.

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